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Honey – One of the most faked foods in the world!

Faked Honey is one of the most faked foods in the world, and the US government isn’t doing much to fix it! insider@insider.com (Cody Copeland) Sat, September 26, 2020, 6:47 AM PDT Honey is the third-most-faked food in the world, behind milk and olive oil, according to compliance management company Decernis. Fake honey is bad […]

Bee venom ‘kills breast cancer cells

Honeybee venom can kill breast cancer cells in the laboratory, according to “incredibly exciting” research. The poisonous substance’s potential for treating the disease was first report in a 1950 edition of the journal Nature, with scientists demonstrating venom reduced tumour growth in patients. With interest into venom’s therapeutic effect booming in the past 20 years, a team […]

Cool Bee Shots

This page is all about Cool Bee Photography and Artwork!

Gabes Honey ABOUT BEES

Bee Facts: The best known honey bee is the Western Honey Bee which has been domesticated for honey production and crop pollination. Besides being a vital part of the worlds CROP POLLINATION bees also produce a fine clean sootless WAX that people have valued for candles and soap making as well as lip balms, and […]

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