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Part of the Honey Bee – Female Honey Bee Morphology

This Bee can be identified as a female by both the number of divisions on its antenna and by its sting. A: Head, B: Thorax, C: Abdomen1: Gena, 2: Vertex, 3: Ocelli, 4: Antenna, 5: Compound Eye, 6: Feelers, 7: Proboscis, 8: Foreleg, 9: Femur, 10: Middle Leg, 11: Tarsal Claw, 12: Tarsus, 13: Tibia, 14: Hind Leg, 15: Sternum, 16: Sting, 17: Hind Wing, 18: Forewing

Golden Sweet Honey and Wax Honey Comb
Gabe and His Bees El Cajon California

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