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“Save The BEES, They help keep the world SWEET”

Gabe The Beekeeper.

Old Woodcut depicting Beekeepers

The practice of BEEKEEPING also known as APICULTURE where honey is collected from wild bee COLONIES as well as from the HIVES of domesticated bees.

Golden Sweet Honey and Wax Honey Comb

Gabe and His Bees Southern California
Ocotillo Desert Flowers

Bees will utilize almost any flower in their hard work to serve the Queen and Colony! Each type of flower makes a unique flavor of Honey!

Agave Encinitas California

Bees especially like Lilacs, Lavender, Wisteria, Mint, Sunflowers, Poppies, Black Eyed Susan, Honeysuckle, Lantana, Snapdragons, Sedums and Pale Purple Coneflower.

Giant Succulent Cactus Flower and Honey Bee ©2020JSEdmondson

Honey Bees Will Defend their Hives! Here on the right side of the video a bee is seen investigating the DRONE camera!

Bee Meets Drone!

Gabe and His Honey Bees!

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Gabe and his Bees El Cajon California

Gabe has been a Bee Keeper for 20 Years!

“My Honey is the Best from my Southern California Bees”

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